Solon Springs Wisconsin
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Why Do Local Residents and Businesses Support the Jackpine Riders Snowmobile & ATV Club?

Because they know that the all volunteer club maintains almost 100 miles of Douglas County snowmobile and ATV trails .They also know that these trails bring in thousands of dollars of outside business every year which truly adds to the local economy and keeps many jobs available to local residents.

Snowmobiles and ATV's mean Business!!!
When snowmobile and ATV enthusiasts arrive in town they usually have a pocket full of money and are ready to spend it.  They buy gas, oil and parts... they rent rooms, they buy meals, drinks and snacks.

What does that mean to us?
The more traffic that comes to the area... the more our local businesses thrive and the more jobs it creates and maintains. The more jobs that are maintained locally...the more money local residents have to spend with other local businesses that are not even directly related to these sports.Also by maintaining more local jobs it maintains a better tax base and keeps more local public services available to all local Residents.Bottom Line... it helps everyone locally in some shape or form !!!