Headwaters of the Brule and St. Croix Rivers
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Solon Springs Fishing
The headwaters of the St Croix River, 855-acre Upper St Croix lake contains abundant walleye, northern pike, bass, and panfish-plus the occasional brook trout, brown trout, or musky. It has a shoreline of 9.4 miles, a maximum depth of 22 feet, and a mean depth of 13 feet.

The village of Solon Springs runs along the west side of the lake. More homes and cabins are on the east side of the lake, with some areas that are undeveloped wetlands.
On summer weekends, this lake can see a fair amount of recreational traffic. In the winter, it's also popular with ice anglers and snowmobilers. Even on weekends, however, the upper and lower parts of the lake tend to be relatively quiet.
If you enjoy canoeing or kayaking, you can paddle downstream to the Gordon-St Croix Flowage. Or, if you like, keep going all the way to New Orleans.

The St. Croix: A Northwoods Journey from Greg Seitz on Vimeo.

Wisconsin is a state rich in lakes. It's approximately 15,000 lakes range in size from small one-and two-acre spring ponds to 137,708-acre Lake Winnebago. Due to variations in chemical and biological composition, physical characteristics, and diversity of origin, each lake should be considered unique.
Of the 15,074 documented lakes in Wisconsin, only about 40 percent have actually been named. The majority of the unnamed lakes are very small, less than 10 acres. Most lakes are in the northern and eastern parts of the state dotting the path of the glaciers. The unglaciated region, or Driftless Area, of southwestern Wisconsin has very few lakes by comparison.
About 3,620 of the state's lakes are larger than 20 acres, constituting more than 93 percent of the surface area of Wisconsin's inland lakes. The total inland lake surface acreage in the state approaches one million acres. Figure 2 shows the relative percent of lakes in different size categories in Wisconsin.
The depth of Wisconsin's natural inland lakes also varies a great deal, ranging from a few feet to a maximum depth of 236 feet in Green Lake (Big Green) in Green Lake County.
In addition to the inland lakes, portions of Lakes Michigan and Superior lie within Wisconsin's boundaries. These Great Lakes are two of the largest freshwater bodies in the world, and they add nearly 6.5 million acres of water to Wisconsin.

St. Croix River
The Park Creek Pond Youth Fishing Area is an 11 acre pond located on the west side of Business 53 adjacent to the Douglas County Forestry Department in the Village of Solon Springs.

The area is designated as a children's fishing area. Fish are occasionally stocked in the pond by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. Children under the age of 14 can use this facility. This is a cooperative effort between Douglas County, the Village of Solon Springs and the Town of Solon Springs. Benches and picnic tables are located adjacent to the County Forestry building on the north side of the pond